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Navin Jayakumar19743PianoAnjli Mata (N?e Kapur)  An hour of happiness twice a week in the quiet of Sunny Park. A firm but kind teacher whose lessons I will always treasure. She was responsible for my winning the Teachers' Merit Cup in 1976 (along with my friend Jyotishka Dasgupta). But most im
Jyotishka Dasgupta197214PianoforteRoshan Chowna  Enjoyable classes that I used to look forward to. Student's concerts that I loved participating in. Good relations and acquaintance with other students across disciplines.
Asha Santwan19744PianoLolita Mayadas Aruna Pasricha 
Nayantara Palchoudhuri196720PianoMrs KamathRecorderMiss BraganzaWonderful memories of the old building and Mrs Mayadass.We were the first batch of Orff Class students.
Anjli Mata19704PianoAruna PasrichaClassical Guitar/RecorderMrs Correa 
Rosina Ahmed19784PianoRoshan Chowna Rosina Ahmed 
Ishanti Chaurasia (Nee Ghosh)196916PianoMrs Aruna PasrichaGuitarMrs Roshan ChownaThe Wellesley building - grass growing through the cracks in the floor, and bird-songs mingling with the strains of distant pianos. Sunny Park, memories of the nervous camaraderie outside the auditorium, waiting to perform in the Annual Concert.
Sudipa Majumdar197713PianoTanusree Deb & Roshen Gazder   
Sugato Chakrabarty19698violinMr. P. Dutt  Overall, a very pleasant and rewarding experience
Neelam Rikhye Sahay197312PianoRoshan Gazder  I learnt the piano from 1973 till 1985 and also taught the piano there from 1985 till 2002. Haven't been there since then but have very fond memories of the place and the people.
Neelam Sahay197313PianoRoshan Gazder Mrs Sahay 
Anirban Nandi20075Electronic KeyboardRanjit MitraGuitarSamir Sharma