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The School


The School has a library containing a sizeable collection of books on music, and examination and practice music sheets (mainly piano and violin) for students. It also has complete sheets of music or symphonies, chorals, chamber orchestra and so on for the performers. In the reference section, it has a collection of biographies of musicians, history of music, forms in music, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, and a collection of magazine and journals in music. In the audio-visual section, it has musicals cassettes, CDs, VCR tapes, VCDs and DVDs. The library is for use by the faculty and the students and a computerised catalogue is available. We are working towards making the library facilities available to all music lovers.

Sandré Hall

Sandré Hall is the auditorium for performance at the School. The hall was fully air conditioned, acoustically refurbished and sound-proofed and fitted with modern stage lighting through charitable grants. It can accommodate 120 listeners in comfort. The hall, when unoccupied, is given out for use to the members of public and other organisations for meetings, musical functions etc. A charge is made out to the School to recover the costs incurred.


All classrooms are airconditioned and equipped with musical instruments as per requirements of the disciplines taught.

The classrooms are also fitted with Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).


Scientifically filtered drinking water is available for all.

All students are ensured of security with a proper security system in place and identity cards that are supplied by the school.

Paid car parking space is available outside the school.