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May - 2018
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1. Sanjib Mandal: Conductor of the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra
Born on 20th December 1974
His father is a farmer now 69 years old. He is the last member of the nine siblings. Both parents are alive. Sisters are all married. Elder brothers helped the father to put the four younger children in school. Sanjib was put at the Oxford Mission where he showed considerable acumen in learning instruments. He was taught both violin and viola. Sanjib excelled in his musical studies. He passed his Grade VIII examination in violin from the Trinity College, London, took a Summer Musical Education Course at Dartington International School, UK, did Advanced Study of Chamber Music in violin and viola at London and finally became an Associate of the Trinity College, London after passing this advanced examination. Sanjib has appeared for the ABRSM LRSM Examination in 2008.

His orchestral experience, mostly as guest violinist, include the National Symphony, Sydney International Fellowship Orchestra, Australia, Calcutta School of Music Orchestra, Bombay Symphony Orchestra, Bangalore Symphony Orchestra, Dartington International Orchestra, UK, McLean Symphony Orchestra, McLean, USA, Washington Civic Symphony Orchestra, USA, McLean Youth Ensemble, as well as, the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra.

In the area of chamber music he performed with the Calcutta Youth Foundation Quartet and toured Australia. He also played for the Calcutta String Quartet and performed throughout India, UK, Northern France, DC Metro area and the Kennedy Center in the USA, the UN School in New York. He played in many duets with the pianist Rodger Radice in the UK and the USA. Attended master classes by Brodsky String Quartet, Stradivarius String Quartet, Smith String Quartet, Rodger Radice (piano), Emmanuel Hurvitz (violin), Caroline Balding (violin), Michael Evans (violin, viola), Brian Brooks (string), Deon Buhrs (violin, viola), Ian Humphreys (viola), Stephen Gutman (piano) and Richard Gill (conductor, Sydney).

Sanjib has been Founder Director of the Rodger Music School, Kolkata, Conductor Director of the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, Oxford Mission Orchestra, Guest Conductor NESPA Music Academy, Nepal, and Conductor of the Mathieson Music School and of the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra at the Calcutta School of Music.
2. Joseph Rozario (Concert Master & Leader) 1st Violin
Born on 7th August 1976
Comes from a needy family and since childhood has been plagued with his family’s financial problems. He was placed in the Oxford Mission at the age of 6 where he fell in love with music. He initially learnt to play the violin at the Mission. He is the main earning member of the family. Both his parents are very ill. He has four siblings, none of whom have any permanent employment.

He has performed with various orchestras and in a major concert with the famous cellist Mitislav Rostropovich, and with John Cooper, Erhard and others Due to his virtuosity at playing the violin, he is considered to the lead violinist of the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra. He also played for the Delhi Symphony Orchestra, and under many distinguished international conductors. He has performed in Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan as well as, led a quartet in Bangladesh.

Due to lack of funds Joseph could just about finish Class VIII in school. However, he passed the Grade 8 examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music with Merit. He has been teaching music at the St. James School for the last 8 years, at Udayan Leprosy Mission and has also taught at the La Martiniere for Boys. Joseph is hoping to do his LTCL next year. Currently Joseph is also teaching Violin at the Calcutta School of Music.
3. Subroto Pramanick: Leader (2nd Violin)
Born on 1st August 1961
His father died when he was 8 years old. He has four siblings. He now lives separately with his wife and daughter aged 12, having supported himself through his hard work. He learnt to play the violin at the Oxford Mission at a very early age. Music is his life. However, at present he is facing great difficulties in managing from his income which is solely derived from his musical performances. He somehow manages with the earnings from his fees for musical performances, teaching, and from the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra engagements.

He started his performing career with the erstwhile Calcutta Symphony Orchestra and Delhi Symphony Orchestra. He also performed with the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra under many conductors before joining the film industry in Calcutta. He then moved to the film industry in Chennai and played under various directors. He also played for the Chennai Chamber Orchestra. He returned to Calcutta in 2000 and joined the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, now the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra, where he is Leader of the 2nd Bench. He also plays at the ITC Sonar Hotel as leader of the string quartet and works as a teacher of violin at various well known educational institutes.

4. Ashim Sarkar Leader : ( Viola)
Born on 6th September 1968
He is a refugee from Bangladesh. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was young. Father was employed as a car driver with a company. As the employing company went bankrupt, his father lost his job. Since then he has been unemployed. Ashim was placed in the Oxford Mission at the age of 8 where he learnt both violin and viola due to his musical talents. He is devoted to music, and playing musical instruments is his only skill.

He is a very keen and skilled musician and has been playing the viola for many years, mainly with the Oxford Mission Church Band and Orchestra, Delhi Symphony Orchestra and lately with the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra. He was sent to the UK for three months for a musical tour, is an Associate of the Rodger Radice School, Kolkata and was a member of the Japan Philharmonic Quintet. Apart from string instruments he can also play the clarinet. Recently, he took part in an interesting experiment through the Calcutta School of Music where he collaborated in an Alliance Francais experiment with world music, performing with the noted Afro-French singer, Maria Philomene.

5. Somnath Makhal (Leader) Cello
Born on 28th September 1981
Parents live in the small village of Bamanpukur. He has two younger siblings. Parents are small holding farmers. There is no school in his village. His parents put him into the Oxford Mission at an early age. He passed the class X examination but had no funds for further studies. At present lives with an aunt in Kolkata. He learnt to play the cello at the Oxford Mission and has passed the Grade V examination of the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music with Distinction.

He has been playing the cello for the Mission orchestra for the last 12 years. He also played for one year at Hyderabad for the movie industry. During 1996, he visited the UK and performed in a few concerts. For some time he was attached to the Delhi Symphony Orchestra. At present, Somnath is one of the few cellists in Calcutta, and plays with the CCO quartet at the ITC Sonar Hotel from where he derives a regular source of income.

6. Raju Mal
Comes from the Oxford Mission School, aged 20 years and a recent entrant to the CCO. He supports a widowed mother and two sisters. His family is very poor, and his mother had to work as a maidservant. Raju is reading in the 1st year at college, paying for his education through his earnings in the CCO. Raju plays the cello, and will be appearing for Grade 5 exams.

7. Daniel Mandal
Born on 12th November 1955
He is an orphan. His father died at the age of 2, and mother when he was 15. He was put to the Oxford Misiion at the age of 5. Due to his very positive inclination towards music he was put in the violin class. Although after his education, he worked initially at the British Council, he made music his real profession. He is an only child. He lives with his wife and two sons aged 24 and 26 years, who are now employed.

His academic prowess stopped at class X. Apart from violin, he can also play the tabla. He has been associated with orchestral playing for the last 35 years. He has played under many conductors and directors with the Calcutta Youth Orchestra, Calcutta Chamber Orchestra, Delhi Symphony Orchestra, and the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra. He is also a member of the Calcutta Cine Music Association.

8. Bhaskar Haldar
Born on 22nd October 1973
He is an orphan. His father died when he was five years old. The mother passed away recently. He is the only child. He is married and has a child of 18 months. He lives in a cottage in a village near Calcutta which he has built by his own hands. He was put in the Oxford Mission at the age of 6 years. Due has to his talents in the area of music he was taught both violin and viola. He has no time or inclination to work as a machinist for which he acquired some training. He desires to make music his only occupation due to his love for it.

His academic studies were interrupted at an early stage and he could manage to study only up to Class VIII. He has been performing with the Calcutta Foundation and Calcutta Chamber Orchestras, and has performed with the Oxford Mission Orchestra, Delhi Symphony Orchestra and Bangalore Chamber Orchestra.

9. Manas Mondal
Is aged 27 and plays the violin. He learned this instrument at Sanjib Mondal’s Roger School of Music. Both his parents are alive; father is a school teacher. He is fortunate to be able to live in his own house, and has passed Grade 6 Exams and his Grade 5 Theory Exams.

10. Sandeep John Halder (SOLOIST and CO Concert Master)
  Born on 9th June 1986
Both his parents are alive. Sandeep lives with them and his three younger siblings. His father works in the fire brigade. His elder brother is another talented musician currently playing and performing on the violin in London, having been sponsored in his musical education in the UK by a wealthy and generous person. He started learning violin observing his brother. He was taught by Ananta Makhal of the Oxford Mission Orchestra.

He passed the Grade VIII examinations in Violin and in Theory of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London with Distinction, and holds a LTCL diploma from Trinity College, London. He is a BCom(Honours) graduate from the Calcutta University. He has been playing with the orchestra for several years and performed in many parts of India. His accomplishment and virtuosity in the violin have taken him all over the world where he has performed in public.
2. LTCL Diploma in violin Recital
3. Performed in UK, Japan and all the major cities in India.
4. Also, Passed B. Com (Hons) from Calcutta University
5. Currently preparing for FTCL.

11. Sudip Bhattacharya
Is 27 years old, and learned the violin at the Oxford Mission from Ananto Makhal, the famous teacher. His father works as a casual staff member at the School, but Sudip is the main breadwinner of the family.

12. Pronoti Prokash Mandal
Born on 18th February 1975
He lives in a village close to Kolkata. He has two unmarried sisters. He joined the Oxford Mission at the age of seven and was given violin tuition due to his natural talent. Passed Class X examination in school exams but could not study any further due to lack of funds. Made music his profession.

He played for the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra since its inception. He also performed with Delhi Symphony Orchestra, Bangalore Symphony Orchestra and Bombay Chamber Orchestra. He currently plays in the quartet at ITC Sonar Hotel.

13. Anthony Shome (Orchestra Manager)
Born on 5th April 1950
He is a child of a broken marriage. His father whom he has never met abandoned the family. He joined the Oxford Mission at the age of 4. Mother died very soon after that. He took up music seriously at an early age due to his love of music. He first learnt violin and then graduated to viola.

He has one son, and apart from playing music with the orchestra and at various hotels, also works as the librarian at the Calcutta School of Music. Anthony is Manager of the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra and teaches at the Sabera Foundation in Bakrahat Village and at the Adamas International School near Barrackpore, outside Calcutta. He played for the Oxford Mission Orchestra under Father Mathieson, Delhi Symphony Orchestra as a visiting violist, and Calcutta Foundation Orchestra for the last 10 years. He played with the St. Paul School Orchestra and the Woodstock International School Orchestra for 6 years. He has played in England with the Oxford Mission Musical Tour at 60 concerts at cathedrals, churches and schools all over the UK.

14. Debashis Katwar
Born on 28th November 1964
His family migrated from Gujarat to West Bengal many years ago. Father expired recently. He is married with two children. He suffers from a serious medical condition and continues to pay a heavy cost of medication and periodic hospitalization. His only profession is playing the violin. He learnt to play the violin from Ananta Mandal and later from Father Mathieson as an outside student. Attended school up to Class XI. He is desperate for a better income to pay for his medical treatment. He has no other profession.

Professionally, he has been playing violin for many orchestras for a long time. He is a very competent musician and became a member of the “Cine Musicians Union” at Chennai for playing background music in violin and viola for the movies for 16 years where he even played for the background orchestra of A. R. Rahman. He also teaches violin at a local school.

15. Bikram Banerjee
Lives in a rented house and learnt the violin from Subhash Sil. The only son of his parents, his father runs a small printing business. Bikram is preparing for the Grade 8 of the ABRSM Exam. He is hoping to appear for his ATCL Exam in the near future.

16. Satyabrata Biswas
Born on 1st August 1971
Father owns a homoeopathic medicine shop in the village. Both his parents are alive. He has a total of seven siblings. He is the fifth. Four sisters are already married. He joined music class of the Oxford Mission at the age of 15 years. He learnt violin there very fast due to his proficiency in music.. Father's little shop is not doing well and the earning is very meagre. Father is also getting old. His academic studies have been limited and he was unable to complete Class X mainly due to lack of funds. Music is his life and he has been playing for the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra, Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, Oxford Mission Church Band, and Oxford Mission Orchestra.

17. Ardhendu Mondal
Objective : To contribute my education and Music Teaching skills in a position with a growing and dynamic firm.

Qualifications : Completed Grade V in Music from “Royal School of Music” London, UK.

Education : Passes Class X from Rabindra open University.

Professional Exeperince :
• Violin Player
Worked as a violinist at TajBengal, Calcutta School of Music, Roger Music School, Oxford Mission Orchestra.
• Working as a part time Violin tutor and giving private tuitions.

Personal :
Date of Birth : 14.04.1985
Nationality : Indian
Martal Stat : Single
Religion : Christan
Languages : Bengali, Hindi
Address : Oxford Mission, Barisha, Behala Chowrasta, Kolkata WB, 700008.
Phone: 9831881511
Extra Curricular Activities : Football, Cricket, Water polo, Drawing
Have mother and elder brothers. (private teachers)

18. Souvick Dutta

Fother’s Name : Sudian Dutta
Mother’s Name : Madobi Dutta
Address : West Bengal, P O – Shyambazar Dist – 24 Pgs, Village – Bibeknagar.
Date Of Birth : 20th September 1992
Academic Qualifications : Madhyamik (WBSE) Pursuing H.S.
Music : Musician (Dcelist) of The Calcutta Chamber Orchestra
Mobile : 99035651
Mother : Med Service (Own Home)

19. Apratima Nayak

Father’s Name : Dayal Nayak
Mother’s Name : Monalisa Nayak
Address : Chawk Kantthalia, Sewlitelenipara, Barrackpore, 700121.
Date Of Birth : 27.02.1991
Academic Qualifications : H.S. (CBSE), Pursuing Graduation B.A. 2nd Year, English Honours.
Music :
Theory - Grade 5 (Late Mr. Barun Naskar)
Practical - Grade 6 (Mr Joseph Rozario) (Violin)
Started Out With Late Mr Barun Naskar
Musician (Violinist) Of The Calcutta Chamber Orchestra Since July 2009
Email Id – apratim9232@gmail.com
Mobile : 9232566863

20. Tiger Ghosh

Father’s Name : Late Dilip Ghosh
Mother’s Name : Late Santona Ghosh
Address : 11 No. Aligole Mahl, Barrackpore, Kol 120
Date of Birth : 22.2.1993
Academic Qualification : Madhyamaik Pass. Class XI Arts.
Music : Grade 5 Passed (Mr. Sanjit Monda)
Musician (Violinist) of the Calcutta Chamber Orchstra Since June 2010
Mobile : 9007392980
Email ID : tigerom2010@gmail.com

21. Sajal Mondal

Father’s Name : Late Eleo Mondal
Mother’s Name : Sonamoni Mondal
Address : Vill – Baghabpur, ST – Bishupur, South 24 Pargans
Date Of Birth : 07.06.1989
Academic Qualification : Passed Madhyamik (2007)
Music : Practical – Grade 5 (Mr. Sanjib Mondal)
Started Out With : Mr. Sanjib Mondal
Musicial (Violinist) Of The Calcutta Chamber Orchestra
Email Id : sajolm123@gmail.com
Mobile : 9748542774
Mother – Village – Fish Seller (Own Home)
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