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May - 2018
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During April 2005 the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra was formally taken over by the Calcutta School of Music. The orchestra was renamed the Calcutta Chamber Orchestra (CCO). This School is an institution of long standing. It is on its 96th year, being established in the year 1915 by the famous musician and conductor Dr. Philippe Sandré. The School has a long tradition of developing musicians. Besides that, it has for nearly 45 years, managed the erstwhile Calcutta Symphony Orchestra, which was disbanded during the seventies due to lack of finance.

The new management intends to maintain and develop this orchestra as a permanent landmark of Kolkata, and provide the needy musicians with a decent livelihood, so that this professional orchestra continues with its tradition of western classical music. The aim at improving the orchestra and taking it to greater musical heights involves the following :
  1. Improving the individual musician by special training and master classes, so that the musician acquires more skill and the quality of music produced is improved, This will be done by arranging specific training to individuals and small groups, by the introduction of special master teachers locally or abroad.

  2. Improving the collective result of the orchestra by special training for the current conductor and importing conductors from abroad for short sessions. This will entail foreign symphonic conductors coming to Kolkata and holding both training and public performances.

  3. Increase the earnings of the musicians by arranging more paid performances, so that their life standard will improve, they will be able to devote more time to music by giving up other employments.

  4. If the School fails in its mission due to lack of finance for continuing with this professional musicians and improving their lot both physically and technically, this last bastion of western classical orchestra will disappear from Kolkata, the culture capital of India.
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