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May - 2018
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Operating and developing a professional orchestra to assist the needy musicians is cost intensive. The administrator of the Orchestra , being a mere school, can hardly apportion any worthwhile sum for this purpose from its own funds. In spite of the unstinted support given by the staff and the governing committee members of the School, it becomes imperative to seek other source of funding to supplement the fees earned by the orchestra from its routine annual performances.

The Orchestra currently consists of 25 professional musicians (consisting of 24 players and 1 conductor) and the cost incurred for each musician is approximately INR 30,000 per year.

These musicians mainly come from the weaker section of the society. They have however, taken the task of sustaining the western classical tradition of the city, for which it was famous in the past. They do it for love of this form of music. If they are not encouraged, they will drift away to other occupations. They must prevail.

One sure way of doing so is if institutions and individuals are interested in the effort “adopt” individual musicians. The estimated charge of adoption of each musician will be approximately INR 25,000 per year, with the currently available benefit of exemption of Income Tax under Section 80(G). The minimum period of adoption is for one year.

It would be more helpful if, instead of an individual musician, a section of three or more is adopted, making it easier for group development.

The résumé of all the professional musicians is available for perusal by the sponsor for the pick. After that, all musical activities, training imparted or arranged, examination passed etc relevant to the adopted musician, will be periodically reported to the sponsor. On adoption of a musician the sponsor will be offered a one year free ‘Millenium’ donor membership which enables the member to be informed of all the musical events and allows free entry to most. It is expected that if at least 15 musicians out of a total of 24 could be adopted, which will give the School an assured annual funding. This will relieve the School of a great financial burden allowing it to concentrate more on its professed task, i.e., training and development of the musical skills of the youth.

Two conductors are invited from overseas to be introduced each year for six weeks of training for the CCO, subject to sponsorship.

The Calcutta School of Music would like to thank the existing sponsors for their support and enthusiastic interest in the CCO.

We look forward to the kind support of more sponsors to help sustain the CCO and for taking it forward to greater heights. We expect an enthusiastic response to keep alive Western Music in the ‘City of Joy’.

Please click below for the ‘Adopt a Musician’ sponsorship form.
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